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Here is a more specific list of items we accept during each sale event:


 What TO Bring:

• Short-sleeve and 3/4-length sleeve tops; long sleeved tops MUST be light-weight fabric, summer colors/summer decor
• Limited amount of long-sleeved infant clothing ~ long sleeve cotton infant gowns/footed sleepers, only if light/pastel colors or spring/summer detail – flowers, etc. 

• Easter dresses
• Boys’ long-sleeved, dress shirts ~ only if light or pastel colors
• Swimwear(NO JUNIOR SIZES), Shorts and Capris
• Pants ~ jeans, khakis or other light weight fabric.
• Light-weight sweaters (only if light colored)
• Light-weight wind jackets & raincoats ~ also light-weight 2pc wind suits
• Leotards and dance wear

NEW THIS SALE - LOCAL school uniforms/spirit wear

What NOT to Bring:

• Heavy - weight, darker colored long -sleeved tops 
• Winter fabrics (corduroy, velvet, fleece, suede, etc.)
• Footed “fleece” pajamas
• Halloween costumes or Christmas clothes 
• Coats, knit hats, gloves, mittens




 What TO Bring:

• Long-sleeve and 3/4-length sleeve tops/t-shirts (no spring/summer detail or beach scenes) 
• Short-sleeve holiday dresses/blouses/t-shirts
• Short-sleeve button down dress shirts/Polo’s for boys ~ must be darker fall colors or white for uniforms!!
• Sleeveless jumpers ~ only denim, corduroy, velvet, or dark-colors
• Short-sleeve camo clothing, football jerseys or other athletic-wear
• Shorts that are denim, khaki, corduroy, velvet or part of a Specialty/Boutique or children’s fall outfit
• Capri pants (no light or pastel colors or spring/summer detailing)
• Pants ~ including jeans, khakis, and sweatpants
• Coats/ jackets
• Halloween costumes/t-shirts/Thanksgiving t-shirts/Christmas t-shirts

• Leotards and dance wear

What NOT to Bring:

• Short-sleeve tops that are OBVIOUSLY for spring/summer season!!
• Short sleeve infant clothing ~ only Specialty/Boutique clothing items
• Regular shorts and skorts 
• Short skirts (unless winter fabric or dark colors)
• Sandals or open-toed shoes
• White dress shoes or Crocs without lining
• Swimwear, cover-ups, or lifejackets

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