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Schedule appointment via consigner homepage.

Saturday, Feb 17 8:30am-4:30pm

Sunday, Feb 18 1:30pm-5:30pm

Monday, Feb 19 10am-5:30pm

Tuesday, Feb 20 10am-5:30pm

Wednesday, Feb 21 10am-5:30pm

Before you arrive for Receiving 

  •  Register as a new or returning consignor ~ Everyone must register for each sale!

  •  Start collecting your metal hangers and safety pins DO NOT USE TINY PINS  Hang and tag your items. 

  •  Print your barcodes from the comfort of your own home! It is SO EASY and VERY convenient. Buy your Avery labels at Walmart, Target or Office Depot. Click here for more information on Barcoding.

  • Double-check that all items have tags with barcodes! 

  • All items must be clean, 

  • Place working batteries in battery operated items. They will be turned on to make certain they work. If not, you take it home.

  •  Please separate your boutique clothes and shoes, holiday clothes or collegiate clothes from other clothing items as they will not be displayed together. 

  • All other items should be grouped accordingly: toys (including puzzles, arts/crafts), shoes, children’s misc. items such as bibs, hats, socks, bows, bottles, safety items, etc.

Arriving for Receiving

  • Bring your items to receiving and make sure ALL clothing is hung correctly on metal hangers, sorted by sex & size and in proper categories.

  • Check-in with our clerk and receive instructions.    

  • If you need barcodes there will be a barcode station set up. Please have your consignor number and a list of the price increments you need printed or if you entered a batch(BEFORE 8AM daily), please bring the batch number.  

  • All tagging, placing of barcodes must be done OUTSIDE of the building during receiving.  

  • All other sale items securely packaged and tagged before proceeding to inspection tables.

  • Your clothing items will be inspected for correct season and blemishes such as ~ stains, tears, holes, broken zippers, missing buttons, or items showing excessive wear (extremely thinned knees, balled fabric, etc).

  • Other sale items will be inspected for missing or broken pieces and turned on to make sure they work. If an item is not approved for KCC, you will need to take it home with you. Do not leave it at KCC. There is a donation box in the parking lot at Rose's where you can donate items.

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