Consignors may drop-off additional clothes, toys, baby equipment, household items, etc. during our reload days!  

Anyone may participate…..current consigners or those not able to bring items during earlier receiving dates/times! 

If you have a consignor # but did not bring items for this sale or have never participated, just prepare your items according to the instructions on the Tagging Preparation document.

We will register you during reload receiving and print barcode labels on site for attachment to your tagged sale items.

 Please arrive early enough to finish attaching labels 30 minutes before receiving ends!  


 We limit “What” items are accepted on each of our Reload days.  

   Please CAREFULLY read the information below as to what items you may or may not bring on EACH of the Reload days! 

Frequently asked questions

What items are desired for reload on Thursday, Sept 9 - 10am-6pm


What items are desired for reload Monday, Sept 13 - 2pm-6pm


What items are accepted for reload on TBD

What we are NOT accepting for reload TBD