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KCC Pricing Guides

Make your items look "NEW" to a buyer by treating stains, washing and even ironing your clothes!

Button the buttons, snap the snaps, zip the zippers, trim any hanging threads.

Got some piling on jackets or sweaters? Purchase a fabric shaver for about $5-$6 bucks and make your money back in sales!

Wipe down all equipment before you bring it in with baby wipes or lysol wipes to make YOUR item look better than the competition!

Fabric covers need to be washed as well like on bouncy seats and high chairs.

Price items to MOVE! Price lower if you are not sure. Overpriced items do not sell.
Increase your price by fifty cents or a dollar if you put new batteries in or put more effort in to clean it. You can generate more $$ for making your items look presentable!

Typically, if you receive really good items back, they were priced too high. Allow the discount to give it a chance to sell during our half off days. You put your time, labor and supplies into tagging only to take it home to store until next sale??? Price to sell, allow the discount and MOVE your inventory!
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