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Kids Clothes Connection supports many charities in the Auburn-Opelika area who directly service the needs of children and families with children that need help.  After the sale we invite these charities to select donated items from our consigners at no cost.  We appreciate the generosity of our consigners that make this possible.  

Alabama Baptist Children's Home, AO Discover, APP Trail of Hope, AUMC-Kid’s Closet, Baby Steps of Au, Big House, Christian Service Center, Covenant Presbyterian, EAMH, Emmanuel Orphanage, EAMC-NICU, Esperanza House, Girl’s Ranch, Hands of Joy, Our House, Presbyterian Church of Auburn-Layette Program, Shawmut Baptist Church Daycare, and The Village.


If you are involved in a charity and would like us to consider adding you to the list, please fill out the form below and we will contact you for more information!



Thanks! Message sent.

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