Sign up NOW OPEN!

****Those who must speak with Katie about their shift, kindly wait until 9AM!


The Kids Clothes Connection sale is a volunteer TEAM event!  We are so grateful for our fantastic volunteers who help at each sale!  This help is CRUCIAL to maintaining an efficient, successful sale.  If Kids Clothes Connection is a benefit to you and your family, please consider

giving 4, 12, 16, or 24 hours of your time to help.  Our volunteers

get an extra day to bring their items to receiving, are FIRST to shop the sale during their Volunteer Shop days AND the 50% days!


  • 4hr option:  You MUST call Katie at 770-364-1779 to sign up and find out the specific dates/times to work.  You will shop on Tuesday, March 1 from 2pm-7pm and earn 60% of sold items.  PLEASE READ snd sign your worker agreement-it is VITAL!

  • 12 Hour option:  Earn 70% of sold items and shop on Monday, February 28 from 2pm-7pm.  It is each volunteers responsibility to sign up for EXACTLY 12 hours. PLEASE READ and sign your worker agreement-it is VITAL!

  • ​16 Hour option:  Earn 70% of sold items and shop on Monday, February 28 from 9am-2pm.  It is each volunteers responsibility to sign up for EXACTLY 16 hours.  PLEASE READ and sign your worker agreement-it is VITAL!

  • 24 Hour option:  To choose this option, you MUST have worked multiple past sales.  BEFORE signing up, please contact Jennifer and Katie at worker@kidsclothesconnection.com for approval.  You earn 75% of sold items and shop on Sunday, February 27 from 2pm-8pm.  PLEASE READ and sign your worker agreement-it is VITAL!

***After we close the online volunteer schedule, which is NOON on February 16, you may ONLY change your shift TWO TIMES. After that, you are obligated to work your scheduled shifts. This is to prevent inconsistencies among our volunteers, and improve reliability so that KCC is not short handed.



Each 12hr, 16hr or 24hr volunteer is required to work 4 hours (out of their 12, 16 or 24 ~ not in addition to) on one of the specific mandatory dates/times that are listed below. If these dates are full you MUST call Katie!

Saturday, March 19 3pm-7pm

Sunday, March 20 2pm-6pm

Monday, March 21 9am-1pm 


Are you pregnant needing a less-active shift (not required to do a mandatory shift), or nursing an infant that you need to bring with you?  Please call/text Katie at 770-364-1779 or email worker@kidsclothesconnection.com so that we can help you pick a shift that will be suitable to your needs, and remember to review our policy about bringing children to your shift located in the Worker Agreement.


All volunteers MUST wear a Kids Clothes Connection t-shirt on their assigned shop night and when working their shift dates/times. We are now partnering with Victory Designs for our shirts! We are excited to give you a couple of options this spring with a BRAND NEW COLOR called Carolina Blue! We will offer short sleeve AND long sleeve shirts.Place your order and pay for your shirt via the link below. Shirts are $12 each for short sleeve and $15 for long sleeve and will be available for you on the first day of your work shift. NEW SHIRTS ARE NOT MANDATORY. This is only if you would like a new one! *****If you are a newbie, your shirts are still free and need to be placed by emailing worker@kidsclothesconnection.com. DEADLINE IS MONDAY, FEB 7th!


During receiving, when checking in, you MUST let the person know that you are a KCC volunteer. As a worker, you absolutely MUST have your items turned in by Thursday, February 24 at 3pm! If you bring your items this day YOU will be responsible for putting your items out at that time. NO LEAVING your items to put out another day.

We have a water cooler for you with cups and you are welcome to bring your own to fill up. You will always find some chocolates/snacks in our break room! If you are working all day, you are welcome to bring snacks/sack lunch to nibble on. Although there is no set "lunch break", you are able to take a few minutes to sit, relax and get some nourishment! For those who work ALL DAY on one of our three Saturday's, KCC will provide lunch for you. Please do not ask to leave and go get you something to eat. 

Please understand that the break room is small and it is best for you not to bring anything valuable in with you. There are lots of people in and out of the room and things get knocked over, moved, etc and sometimes things get misplaced! 

After logging in, a box pops up that says Welcome to your homepage.  To the left, click on volunteer to work.   This will take you to the online shift sign up program.  Follow directions.  *Deadline for signing up, canceling, or changing your volunteer work shifts online is Wednesday, February 16.  If you miss the deadline please TEXT Katie. 

Any questions about volunteering?  

Text  Katie at 770-364-1779

or email worker@kidsclothesconnection.com