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  • What forms of payment are accepted at the sale?
    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Cash, Debit Cards NO CHECKS!
  • How much do I make from the sale of my items?
    Consignors earn 60% of the selling price of the item. If you would like to earn up to 75% of the selling price, VOLUNTEER with us!
  • Do you charge a participation fee?
    Yes, a low $6 fee that is conveniently deducted from your check at the end of our sale.
  • What is the best way to price my items?
    View our Pricing Guide
  • Why can I not bring my children to the Preview Sale?
    Several reasons, one of which is a safety issue. When just the adults shop, it makes for a better shopping experience. Children are allowed duirng all other sale days.
  • Are consignors allowed to bring a guest to the Preview Sale?
    Yes, ONE guest per consignor. Guest must be 16 years of age or older. Guest must bring their GUEST PASS.
  • Can I bring items to receiving more than once?
    Yes, absolutely! You may bring during our regular receiving days and during our reload days!
  • Are there limits on what I can bring?
    Yes, on certain items. During our FALL SALE ONLY, we limit newborn, 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 12 mo girls to 15 each size. Bring more for reload. Girls Jr clothing is limited to 5 and NAME BRAND ONLY-see clothing under "what to bring" Shoes are limited to 6 for girls and 6 for boys. PLEASE LOOK UNDER "WHAT TO BRING" FOR A COMPLETE LIST! Always check FB and emails regarding our reload days as sometimes there are limits on other items.
  • What if I want my unsold items returned after the sale?
    Make sure you put a capital RED "R" for return in the upper left-hand corner of each of your tagged items. MUST BE IN RED INK!
  • What if I don't want my items discounted at the end of the sale?
    When printing your barcodes you can have “No Discount” printed on your labels so they will not be discounted on the % off days. However, if you are going to donate your items, please allow the discount. Better to make something for your items and you will take home a larger check!
  • What if I can't remember my consigner ID number?
    Please DO NOT register twice as a new consignor or sign up twice on the mailing list! Signing up more than once causes of problems with our system. When registration for our sale begins you can click on the consignor homepage link and follow directions. If you have problems retrieving your ID # please send an email to
  • When is the deadline for registering to consign?
    Online registration is closed 2 days prior to the first day of receiving. However, you may still register and consign during the receiving days. This will allow you to come to the Preview Sale as long as you consign the minimum of 15 children’s items. You may also register and bring items during our reload days. IF you register AFTER the online registration, you will not be able to track your sales.
  • Return Policy
    Because items are gently used, it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect items PRIOR to purchasing. KCC has a team of volunteers who check items for quality and cleanliness, but do not always catch everything. ALL sales are final.
  • Fitting Rooms
    There are no fitting rooms at KCC. You may not try on clothes in the restrooms or out on the floor.
  • Are there buggies?
    KCC does not have buggies to use for shopping. Customers are welcome to bring their own shopping container. We do have a few buggies for use for loading your purchases to your vehicle. Containers are subject to search upon exit.
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