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TAGGING SERVICE for clothes and shoes only!

Registration IS NOW closed!


At only $.75 an item this a great deal! We do ALL the work for you! We have experienced KCC workers who hang, tag and price to SELL! We guarantee your pre-loved clothes and shoes to be ready to sell on the FIRST day we have shoppers. Our service is easy and convenient with an appointment time so you are in and out quickly!


*Register for the sale.

*Must complete Tagging Service form, stay with us as we count the items and pay that day- CASH/CC/DC - NO CHECKS. Click on pink button-print and bring with you.

*Bring your items in bags or boxes separated by items you want to donate and ones you would like back.

*You are responsible for putting your sets together. For example, if you have an outfit like a top and bottom fold them together as you are putting in your container. Sets count as 1.

*You are charged for every piece of clothing and shoes you drop off. Be sure to count them, get your sets together and write that number on your form. Be sure to pull any items that may be dirty, stained, wrong season, or smell. 

*All items must allow the discount on the ½ days. This helps YOU sell more! 

*You will receive 60% of your total sales.



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