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ALL SALES are FINAL ~ NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES.  All items sold “AS IS”, No Assurances or Guarantees ~ we will have an “Inspection Station” and you may ask any KCC worker to open or plug in an item for inspection before purchasing.

Payment accepted with credit cards, debit cards or cash. NO CHECKS!

  • BYOB-Bring your own BAG, tote, rolling rack or laundry basket to carry your items in. We do have large IKEA bags for sale ($2) but NO BUGGIES to use for shopping. You may use a buggy to carry your wonderful purchases to your vehicle, however.

  • Local sales tax will be collected.   

  • We ask that shoppers with strollers, please leave diaper bags/toys in your car. No large purses ~ understand that if you do bring a large purse you may be asked to open it as you exit the building.  Thanks so much for understanding!

  • If you would like to be on our email list to receive updates about future events, please click on "join our mailing list" found on the home page!

  • We do not have dressing rooms available, so it may be helpful to you to bring your child's measurements (such as waist measurement, pant length, bottom of foot, etc), along with a measuring tape.

  • Each of our large items (such as strollers, pack-n-plays, exer-saucers, furniture, swings, etc) will have a "Large Item Claim Ticket" connected to it. To buy one of those items, SEE A KCC WORKER! This will allow you to buy the item without carrying it while you shop, and you won't have to move it until you're ready to load it in your vehicle. If the item will not fit in the vehicle you brought, please let us know so that we can mark the item appropriately and you can come back for it later.

  • Inspect your items BEFORE you purchase! KCC work's hard to make sure that only quality items make it to the sales floor. Unfortunately, sometimes an item will get through that should not have been accepted. REMEMBER ALL sales are final, and since these are gently-used items, it is your responsibility to thoroughly check each clothing item for blemishes before you purchase. If you do find blemished items, we would appreciate you handing them to a KCC worker so we return it to the consignor. We also have an Inspection Station available where the a KCC worker can help you test something before purchasing.

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