BYOB - Bring your own bag. No buggies. We will have large blue IKEA bags for purchase - $2 per bag.

AN EXTRA day of half off days! Half off days will be Thursday, March 17, Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19!

A "Multiples" section! Parents needing clothes/shoes for twins, triplets or more!

When you register for the sale, you will be asked to agree to our consignor agreement. This will eliminate you having to bring it with you or stand in line to sign it. 

Will accept the following in addition to the usual:

Easter/Spring/Summer decor-baskets-only 2; platters, wreathes, crosses, bunnies, Americana, etc

Board games - 3 only

Cleats - soccer, baseball, softball - 2 pair only

Sports pants - baseball, softball - 2 pair only

Stuffed animals - Licensed characters like Disney, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street; Name brand like TY, Gund, Build-a-Bear;

Waist size pants - ONLY UP TO SIZE 34, jeans (2 pair only), khaki’s, seersucker, cotton, linen


Outfits purchased at kcc